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Acer V12W
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Startup Screen Use this function to select your desired startup screen. If you
change the setting, the changes will take effect when you exit the
OSD menu.
Acer: The default startup screen of your Acer projector.
User: Use memorize picture from "Screen Capture" function.
Screen Capture
Use this function to customize the startup screen. To capture the
image that you want to use as the startup screen, follow the
instructions below.
Before proceeding with the following steps, make sure that the
"Keystone" is set to the default value 0 and the aspect ratio is set
to 4:3. For details, refer to the "Image" section.
Change the "Startup Screen" from the default setting "Acer"
to "User".
Press "Screen Capture" to customize the startup screen.
A dialog box appears to confirm the action. Choose "Yes" to
use the current image as your customized startup screen. The
capture range is the red rectangular area. Choose "No" to
cancel the screen capture and exit the onscreen display (OSD).
A message appears, stating that the screen capture is in
When the screen capture is finished, the message disappears
and the original display is shown.
The customized startup screen, as shown below, takes effect
when there is a new input signal or when you restart the
Source Lock When source lock is turned "Off", the projector will search for
other signals if the current input signal is lost. When source lock is
turned "On", it will "lock" the current source channel unless you
press "Source" button on the remote control for the next channel.
Closed Caption
Selects a preferred closed captioning mode from CC1, CC2, CC3,
CC4, (CC1 displays captions in the primary language in your area).
Select "Off" to turn off the captioning feature. This function is only
available when a composite video or S-Video input signal is
selected and its system format is NTSC.
<Note> Set your screen aspect ratio to 4:3. This function is not
available when the aspect ratio is "16:9" or "Auto" .
VGA OUT (Standby) Default is "Off". Choose "On" to enable VGA OUT connection.

Press the button and choose "Yes" to return the

parameters on all menus to the factory default settings.
Security Security
This projector provides a useful security function for the
administrator to manage usage of the projector .
Press to change the "Security" setting. If the security function
is enabled, your must enter the "Administrator Password" first
before changing the security settings.

Select "On" to enable the security function. The user has to

enter a password to operate the projector. Please refer to the
"User Password" section for details.

If "Off" is selected, then the user can turn on the projector

without password.
Acer V12W

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