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Acer V12W
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Note: Functions vary depending on model definition.
ECO Mode Choose "On" to dim the projector lamp which will lower power
consumption, extend the lamp life and reduce noise. Choose "Off"
to return normal mode.
High Altitude Choose "On" to turn on High Altitude mode. Operate the fans at
full speed continuously to allow for proper high altitude cooling of
the projector.
Turn Off Mode

Instant Off: Shuts down the projector without fan cooling.

Instant Resume: Resumes the system when the Power button

is pressed again within 2 minutes.

Standard: Properly shuts down the projector after fan

Auto Shutdown The projector will automatically shutdown when there is no signal
input after the allocated time. (default is 120 minutes)
Lamp Hour Elapse Displays the lamp’s elapsed operating time (in hours).
Lamp Reminding Activate this function to display a reminder to change the lamp 30
hours before its expected end-of-life.
Lamp Hour Reset
Press the button and choose "Yes" to turn the lamp hour
counter to 0 hours.
Acer V12W

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