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Start Here

Set up your PictureMate and
print–no computer required!
Note: To print from your computer, see Using PictureMate With a
Computer and your CD after completing these steps.

1 Unpack

PictureMate comes with all these items in the box.
Remove all the tape and packing material from PictureMate,
including the plastic film on the photo viewer screen.
Note: If you purchased the optional PictureMate Deluxe Viewer
Edition battery, see Using PictureMate Without a Computer for
instructions. Make sure you install the photo cartridge and plug in
the AC adapter and power cable before installing the battery.
Caution: To avoid damaging your PictureMate,
keep it out of the sun and don’t leave it in your
car or other location where it can get too hot or
too cold.

2 Install the Photo

1 Open the cartridge door on the back of PictureMate.
You see the release lever.
2 Move the lever to the Release position by sliding it
in the direction shown.
3 Shake the photo cartridge a few times in its package,
then unwrap the cartridge.
4 Slide the cartridge straight into the slot, label side up,
until it is fully inserted. Push in both sides evenly to
make sure it is not crooked.
Caution: Make sure both sides of the cartridge are even,
or ink may leak. If either side is sticking out, remove the
cartridge and reinstall it.
5 Move the lever right to the Lock position. If it does
not lock in place, the cartridge is not installed
correctly. Release it and try again.
6 Close the cartridge door.
Make sure it snaps shut.
If the door does not close
completely, the cartridge
is not installed correctly.
Remove it and try again.
7 Flip the handle to the
back of PictureMate
and all the way down.

3 Load Paper

Your PictureMate comes with photo paper made especially
for it.
Caution: Don’t load or print on plain paper; this may damage
1 Flip up the photo viewer screen.
2 Open the paper
3 Pull up the paper
support all the way.
4 Open the output tray.
Note: Make sure the paper support is fully
extended and the handle is all the way down.
5 Place your paper against
the right edge, with the
glossy side up.
Load up to 20 sheets
at one time.
6 Slide the edge guide
against the paper.
Note: Keep unused paper in the
original package and store it flat
to prevent curling.
Deluxe Viewer Edition
Power cable PictureMate
Photo Cartridge
Photo Paper
Using PictureMate
Without a Computer
Turn over
Using PictureMate
With a Computer
Power adapter
4051812-00 XXX
To release lever
Release lever




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