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Assembly and Operating Instructions for Outback®

Excel 100, Excel 200, and Excel 300 Gas Barbecues

Photographs are not to scale.
Specifications subject to change
without prior notice.


For outdoor use only. Not for commercial use.
Read instructions before using the appliance. Failure to follow instructions
could result in death, serious bodily injury, and/or property loss.
Warning: accessible parts may be very hot. Keep young children and pets
Do not move the appliance during use.
Turn off the gas supply at the gas bottle after use.
Any modification of the appliance, misuse, or failure to follow the instructions
may be dangerous and will invalidate your warranty. This does not affect your
statutory rights.
Retain these instructions for future reference.
Leak test annually, and whenever the gas bottle is removed or replaced. Check
that the hose connections are tight and leak test each time you reconnect the
gas bottle.
For Flare-up control please refer to the ‘OPERATION’ section of this manual.


If you smell gas:
1. Shut off gas to the appliance.
2. Extinguish any open flame.
3. Open barbecue lid or hood.
4. If odour continues, discontinue use and
contact your local dealer.


1. Do not store or use petrol or other
flammable vapours or liquids in the vicinity
of this or any other appliance.
2. A gas bottle not connected for use must not
be stored in the vicinity of this or any other



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Excel 300
Manual de usuario (PDF)

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