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Rio, Dezac and Electrolysis Hair Remover™
are trademarks of The Dezac Group Ltd
© The Dezac Group Ltd 2012
PO Box 17, Cheltenham Spa, England GL53 7ET
Using micro current technology the Electrolysis Hair Remover
destroys the hair root and papilla to prevent future hair growth.
The micro current changes the pH in the hair follicle to alkaline
which then starts to attack the hair root and papilla cells (it is
these cells which are responsible for hair growth). This action
continues for sometime after the treatment is complete and
the hair has been removed.
It is not always possible to kill all of the papilla cells in a single
treatment and in these situations the hair may regrow. If it does
regrow it is generally much finer and lighter than previously.
Successive treatments will kill the papilla cells giving a
permanent result. You may use your normal epilation
methods in between treatments.
The destruction of the hair root cells continues for some
time after the treatment has finished. It makes no difference
whether you remove the hair immediately or not.
If there is a particularly stubborn hair, an additional treatment
or longer treatment time may be required.
As with all hair removal treatments it is recommended that
the area you have treated is washed with cool water and a
mild antiseptic cream applied.
 
detect the conductive gel.
 
battery power is low and it needs replacing.
 
The use of a good quality, leak-proof alkaline battery
is recommended.
 
the battery or unplug from the mains.
 
power adapter, which plugs into the adapter socket on
the side. To order please call the Customer Careline.
 
 
on the console unit and do not use them for any other
purpose than intended.
 
cloth, the console unit can also be wiped over.
1. Console
 
3. Treatment indicator
4. Control dial
5. Treatment complete
6. Wand output socket
7. Power adapter socket
(optional extra available
from the Customer Careline)
8. Tweezer Socket
 
10. Conductive gel
professional range
Problem Fault/Cause remedy
Amber treatment
light does not
and console
Good contact
with the hair
is not being
maintained or
your finger is not
touching tweezer
Check tweezers
are connected
Ensure you are
using gel.
Grasp hair at
skin level.
The amber light
has gone out and
the console is
The contact
with the hair or
tweezer button
has been lost.
If the contact is not
within three
seconds the
treatment timer will
assume you have
moved onto a new
hair and restart
the treatment from
the beginning.
Grasp hair
at skin level.
The console is
bleeping and the
power light is
Console left on -
and not used.
Turn the
console off.
Console is
Low Battery. Replace battery.
The hair is
difficult to
More than a
single treatment
is required to kill
this hair.
If there is a lot
of resistance
an additional
treatment or longer
treatment time of
the same hair
may be required
Hair regrows.
It is not always
possible to kill
all of the papilla
cells in a single
Repeat the
treatment when the
hair grows back.
Use a longer
treatment time.
Redness of skin
after treatment.
This is quite
normal, you may
wish to apply an
antiseptic cream,
however the
redness should
fade within one
or two hours.
Treatment light
on continuously.
Contact is being
even when the
tweezers are not
in use.
Clean tweezers
with a damp
cloth thoroughly,
removing all traces
of conductive gel.
1-IN-CNHR2-UK / 1.1

© The Dezac Group

© The Dezac Group

© The Dezac Group


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Rio CNHR2 especificaciones

Marca Rio
Modelo CNHR2
Producto Dispositivo pequeño para depilación
EAN 5019487083692
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Número de pinzas - pinzas
Color del producto Blanco
Afeitadora No
Recortadora No
Lavable No
Mojado y seco No
Refrigeración No
Cabezal flotante No
Retroiluminación No
Función de masaje No
Control de energía
Recargable Si
Tecnología de batería Alcalino
Tipo de batería -
Voltaje de la pila 9 V
Numero de baterías soportadas 1
Otras características
Batería Si
Contenido del embalaje
Cabezal para cara incluido Si
Pilas incluidas Si
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 150 mm
Profundidad 150 mm
Altura 75 mm
Peso 300 g
Ancho del paquete 205 mm
Profundidad del paquete 113 mm
Altura del paquete 243 mm
Peso del paquete 629 g
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