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[Instructions for Cal. 1M20]


Being a two-hand model without a second hand, this watch is equipped with a “start-
up indicator” function to show that the watch has started operating when the watch
is used for the first time after being purchased or after being left unused for a long
After the watch is swung approximately 50 times for charging, the minute hand
moves quickly to indicate that it has started operating.
Quick movement of
the minute hand
* Normally, the minute hand moves at 20-second intervals, while it moves about 80 times more
quickly when the start-up indicator function is activated.
* The minute hand moves quickly past more than 5 minute markers and stops automatically to
resume normal movement. The duration of the quick movement varies depending on the number
of swings given to the watch.
If you find it keeping turning around the dial, pull out the crown to
stop it, and then, set the time. (See “HOW TO CHARGE AND START THE WATCH” below.)
* If you find either of the following after swinging the watch approximately 50 times, you can decide
that the start-up indicator has worked and that the watch has started operating.
1) The minute hand is moving quickly.
2) The minute hand has advanced more than 5 minutes from where it was.
*While the watch is operating, the minute hand will not move quickly even if the watch is swung
for charging.


Swing the watch from side to side approximately 50 times.
* Before swinging the watch, check and remember where the minute hand is so that you can
tell if the start-up indicator has worked or not. First, check that the crown is at the normal
* If the crown is pulled out and the watch is swung, the start-up indicator will not work even if
the watch starts operating.
* Swing rhythmically at a rate of twice a second.
* No additional benefit is obtained by swinging the watch more quickly or with greater vigor.
*When the watch is swung, the oscillating weight in the generating system rotates to drive the
mechanism. As it rotates, it gives out a sound, which is not a malfunction.
The minute hand moves quickly and stops as the watch starts operating.
(Start-up indicator) Then, it will move at 20-second intervals.
After checking that the minute hand has done this, pull out the crown to set
the time.
After pushing back the crown in to the normal position, swing the watch
further approximately 350 times to reserve one day of power, and then, put
the watch on your wrist.


The electric energy generated while the watch is worn on your wrist is stored in the
completely different from conventional batteries for watches, and therefore, this
watch does not require battery replacement.
Wearing the watch.
1 day
280 m
* The illustration above provides a general guideline of the relationship between the power reserve
and the distance you walk. Actual amount of power reserve differs from person to person.
Power reserve accumulated while you are walking
Guideline of power reserve in the KINETIC E.S.U.
You can estimate the power reserve accumulated in the KINETIC E.S.U. from the
manner in which you wear the watch.
Wearing the watch continuously for 12 hours will accumulate approximately one
additional day of power reserve.
If you wear the watch every day for 12 hours a day over a month, for example,
approximately one month of power reserve will be secured in the KINETIC E.S.U.
Full charge of power
When the watch is fully charged, the watch will keep operating for a maximum of 3
Precautions for those only wearing the watch occasionally
If you use the watch only occasionally, it is likely that you will find the watch running
down when you decide to use it. Before wearing the watch, be sure to charge it
sufficiently following the procedure in “HOW TO CHARGE AND START THE WATCH”.
Also, follow the precautions below.
Even after you find the start-up indicator activated, the watch may run down
shortly. Swing the watch further to charge the watch sufficiently before wearing
If you do not have enough time to do so, be sure to keep it on your wrist.
At the end of a day, if you intend to use the watch again the next day, swing it 150
to 200 times before taking it off. This will reserve approximately 12 hours of


Do not keep the watch with the crown pulled out to stop the hands, intending to save
the energy stored in the KINETIC E.S.U. By doing so, a large amount of current flows
through the built-in IC, and therefore, pulling out the crown will not save the energy
but consume more energy than usual.


Never install a silver oxide battery for conventional watches in place of the
KINETIC E.S.U. The battery may burst, become very hot or catch fire.


1Time indication ................................... 2 hands (hour and minute hands)
2 Duration of charge
Full charge ................................... Approximately 3 months
* The specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
For other items of the specifications of the watch, see “SPECIFICATIONS” in the attached
Worldwide Guarantee and Instruction Booklet.
* Please note that Cal.1M20 is not equipped with an instant-start function.


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