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Timex Ironman Sleek 250-LAP
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User Manual


The SLEEK250-LAP is easy to use. Set the watch to take a lap/split for you without having
to press any buttons. Audible alerts let you know when to speed up or slow down to keep on
pace. Use the easy-to-read display to acquire workout data quickly. With TapScreen™
technology, take laps/splits manually without breaking stride.
The run sensor tracks your strides to help you keep with your training program. On-the-fly pace
and cadence measurements help you attain time goals and get the most work for the least energy.
The interval timer manages complex workouts to help you develop comfort at your target pace.


Run sensor (tracks steps in Chrono or Interval Timer modes calculate distance and pace
based on step count and stride length)
Hands-free (automatically take laps/splits in Chrono mode • auto-split at a specific
distance or time • audible alert sounds when lap/split is taken)
Target pacer (set a goal for minutes per mile/km alert sounds upon taking a lap/split
adjust your pace accordingly to reach your goal time)
TapScreen™ technology (tap watch face to start a workout or take a lap/split • no
interruption of workout quickly activate or deactivate from several modes)
Eat and drink timers (reminders to stay hydrated and watch your nutrition alert sounds
in Chrono mode • separate timers for eating and hydration)
Chronometer (tap watch face to start or take a lap/split • time up to 99:59:59 time up to
99 laps view distance, pace, and cadence while chronometer is running instant pace
target comparison)
Interval Timer (two independent interval workouts • set up to 8 intervals per workout •
time up to 23:59:59 per interval • tap watch face to start or stop • custom interval labels
indicate intensity level manages 99 repetitions for you view pace, distance, and
cadence while workout is running)
Time and date (2 time zones • 12- or 24-hour time format • four date formats)
Review (store and review up to 5 Chrono or Interval Timer workouts oldest workout
replaced with newest when memory is full • lock and unlock workouts review distance
to track training program • review pace to ensure per-mile times achieve race goal
review cadence to ensure efficiency • Interval Performance Advisor shows averages
across repetitions)
Timex Ironman Sleek 250-LAP

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