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WP 88

Before using the dishwasher, read the
installation and maintenance instructions carefully!
1) Programme data obtained in conformity with European standard EN 50242. The data may vary, for example, according to
different loads, extra functions, sensor settings (only with sensor programmes), water supply temperatures, water hardness
and power supply voltage.
2) Programme for energy data label in conformity with EN 50242. - Information for Test Laboratories:
for more detailed information
on the conditions of the EN comparison test and other tests, contact the following address: “nk_customer@whirlpool.com”.


On button
Off button
Fault indication and wash time display
With “Delayed start” selected, it indicates the time
remaining until the start of the programme (hh). Toward
the end of the programme, during the drying cycle, the
display will indicate the time remaining in minutes.
If “F..” – appears on the display, see chapter 5 “What to do if…”.
elayed start button
The wash cycle can be programmed to start after 1- 24
hours. (With each successive touch of the button, the
delayed start indicator increases by 1 hour, and after 24
returns to 00).
Then press the START button. The wash programme
will start after the set time.
Detergent setting upon initial use and when using a different type of
1. Press and hold down the program selector, then press the Delayed Start
button. The last detergent type selected will be shown on the display.
2. With the Delayed Start button, set the required detergent
(“--” = powder, “2 l” = 2 in 1, “3 l” = 3 in 1, “A l” = all the other
combined detergents) (in this way the rinse aid and salt level
indicator lamps are deactivated). The type of detergent selected
will be shown on the display.
3. Wait 5 seconds or switch off the appliance, the selected detergent
type is memorised. It is shown on the display for about 3 seconds
after switching on. Note that only after changing the detergent type
it is possible to select the desired programme and, if necessary,
select the delayed start button.
Programme selector
Press the button (repeatedly) until the indicator of the
required programme lights up.
START button
The indicator lights up during operation, flashes if a fault
occurs and goes off at the end of the programme.
button RESET function:
Press this button for at least 2 seconds and the started
programme and the extra functions selected are cancelled.
The main fault indications (repeated flashing of the START
indicator) can be cancelled with a RESET. Detailed
instructions are given in chapter 5 “What to do if...”.
Rinse aid level indicator and salt level indicator
These indicator lamps light up when rinse aid or salt
need to be added.
Only add just before starting a wash cycle.

Table 1.1.

Programme Table

Description of
large small Litres kWh Minutes
Sensor Intensive 60-70°C
Recommended programme
for heavily soiled crockery,
with dried-on food, e.g. pots
and pans.
X X 13-20 1.10-2.00 100-150 ±
Sensor Normal 40-55°C
Automatic program for
routine washes, for crockery
with no dried-on food (not for
EN 50242).
X X 10-13 0.80-1.05 60-120 ±
Normally soiled crockery. X X 12.0 1.05 170 ±
Half Load 50°C
Ideal for washing a half load of
lightly or normally soiled
X X 10.0 1.04 145 ±
Power Clean 70°C
Recommended programme
for heavily soiled crockery,
particularly suitable for pots
and pans. Intensive wash with
additional water jets.
X X 16.0 1.80 220 ±


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